Train Like the Pro’s for Better Results

Do you often feel lost with your training routine? Whether it be that 10 K marathon you’ve been preparing for, or that triathlon, or heck, even that natural bodybuilding competition, sometimes we just need a little direction.

Alternatives to Expensive Trainers

For man professional athletes the problem of not having direction in their training isn’t really a big issue because either their sponsors get them a professional trainer, or they make enough money they can afford a trainer on their own.

For the working man or woman however, who partakes in hobbies like running, cycling and bodybuilding on their own, in their free time, this just isn’t a realistic option.

With hourly rates in the hundreds of dollars, hiring a professional trainer just isn’t a real possibility, that is unless you want to go broke. Add on top of that the cost of your training gear, gym access and supplementation, and you’ll quickly realize you need a more pragmatic approach to adding structure to your training regimen.

Emulate Professional Athletes for Success

Twenty years ago, if you couldn’t afford a personal trainer the only option for gaining knowledge would be to buy books and read them. Obviously, this requires a considerable time investment, plus books can get out-dated pretty quickly. Did they even have whey protein or creatine powder fifty years ago?

Thankfully though, today sites like Youtube and Vimeo are here to help save the day. Experts in all types of sports all around the world are sharing their experience and knowledge, all 100% free, on the world wide web.

The potential of the internet is unlimited. Experts from around the world post videos detailing their training, write in depth tutorials on their websites, and share information that would otherwise take years to attain through trial and error.

Let’s take bodybuilding for example. The process of building muscle is a slow and tiresome one. Obviously then, to perfect this art, one might have to toil for years in the gym to make progress. Fortunately today there are websites like Skinny Yoked however to make the process a whole lot easier.

Want to get absolutely jacked without spending tons of cash on training programs? Here is a simple solution: find the famous bodybuilder you want to look like and research the workout routine that THEY do and simply copy it.

Skinny Yoked has all sorts of articles on bodybuilding, supplementation and training routines. Once example is the Lazar Angelov workout. They have gone through and dug up everything he does to develop his chest, back, core and legs. All you have to do is read it and copy it in your own gym.

Likewise, if you’re too lazy to read (and let’s just admit it, sometimes you are!) then you can watch Lazar workout on Youtube and just copy that. To make things even simpler you can watch the video on your iPhone when you’re at the gym walking on the treadmill or doing stretches, it will teach you what to do and get you mentally in the zone at the same time.

Here is a killer video of Lazar destroying it in the gym. Is this physique not absolutely insane? Let’s do it!

Whether you want to look cut like Lazar or you just want to perfect your running form, the internet is an invaluable resource that you should capitalize on.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below or if you have any other hacks you use to help achieve your fitness goals without spending tons of cash like the pros.



What are Chiropractic Care Tools?

Chiropractic doctors are known for their practice of manual adjustments, otherwise called spinal manipulations. However, they also use several kinds of tools in their practices that can help their patients to get pain relief. Some of these tools are used to give the actual treatments to help people get rid of their soreness or discomfort, while others are meant to gauge the progress that has been made over the course of these treatments.

Chiropractic care tools are often used by the doctors to help realign the spine to correct musculoskeletal issues. The basic principle of chiropractic treatment is that if the spine is out of alignment, that it is blocking the body’s system from getting the proper blood flow or oxygen levels, as well as constricting the joints, nerves and other body parts.

Types of Chiropractic Tools
Some of the kinds of tools used by chiropractors include:

Activator Adjusting Tool: This tool is a small, hammer shaped device that is used to tap the spine gently in order to get the crooked vertebrae to go back to their normal position. It is considered to be a low impact type of spinal adjustment.

Adjustment Table: This table is likely to be in all chiropractic clinics. The doctor places the patient on this raised and padded table so that they will be comfortable during a spinal adjustment.

Neurocalometer or Nervo-Scope: This is a handheld instrument that has two probe on it that conduct heat. These probes are connected to a meter to read the temperature. The device measures to see if the two sides of a patient’s spine are at the same temperature, as differences in temperatures can mean there is some kind of spinal problem.

Traction Gear: At times, treatment by a chiropractor may include traction to get rid of tension in the spine or to straighten the vertebrae. It is a tool found in most chiropractic clinics.

X-Ray Machines: Many times a chiropractor will need to take x-rays of a patient in order to see what is wrong with a person’s spine. The x-ray can show abnormalities or misalignment. This can show the issues better than the doctor merely putting their hands on the patient’s spine to feel a possible misalignment.

CAPS Posturography – This is a device that monitors posture.

ArthroStim – This tool is used when manual manipulation is not possible and produces as much as 40lbs of pressure. It also reaches the deep tissues in the body, which can’t be done by hand.

Massage Tools – Massage tools used by chiropractors are used to help soothe and release painful trigger points on a patient. These may include things like a massage ball, or other instruments that cause relaxation of the muscles.

Chiropractic Care Relieves Pain, Stress in Patients
The main focus of a chiropractor’s job is to assist their patients in getting rid of their discomfort, pain and stress. They are dedicated to helping these people to lead more comfortable lives through help given by these doctors to get them the aid they require to be healthier and happier through pain management and relief. For more information on chiropractic care go to chiropractor.

When you should see a chiropractor

You don’t have to wait until you are bed ridden so as to start thinking about seeing a chiropractor. There are plenty of signs whose presence necessitates that you see a chiropractor immediately. Some of the most common signs include;

• Chronic pain in the head, muscles and joints which seem not to be improving
• If you are employed or self employed but your job requires many hours off sitting and repeating same tasks that requires same over and over.
• If you injured your spine, hand or muscles which seem to be taking a lot of time before healing, even after using some medication or therapy.
• Some sharp pain shoots from the hip down into your leg
• A sensation of stiffness that comes and goes in various parts of the body even though you cannot explain the cause
• If you have some joint or muscle pain which you want addressed without necessarily using drugs
• If you realize one of the sole of your shoes wears out consistently or fast and quickly more than the other shoe.
• Where the hem of your skirt or pants hangs unevenly

If you realize that you have any of the problems mentioned above, it is important that you see a chiropractor who should help you get relieved in the shortest time possible. The chiropractor will also give you advice on how to avoid activities and strenuous episodes that can result in back pain.

Once you visit a chiropractor of your choice, he should be able to conduct the initial interview either over the phone or he may do it in person. The first discussion should be a learning session and may not include a clinical examination. If you are filling the form, the following questions may have to be answered.

• How and when you felt the pain for the first time
• The location of the pain
• Whether the pain is sharp, burning, dull, throbbing and whether it comes and goes
• Whether the pain started as a result of an injury
• Circumstances and the conditions you feel aggravates the pain

On top of this, you may be asked to give your families medical history including any existing medical conditions , injuries, previous and current health and if you have had any treatment or not.

Your practitioner may decide to give you an examination. The chiropractic exam may include general tests such as blood pressure, respiration, pulse, reflexes and any other neurological and orthopedic tests which assess the following.

• Muscle strength
• Neurogical integrity

If your practitioner feels that the information gathered is not adequate, he may recommend further test such as asking you through motions and making specified turns that can enable him establish more information. He may also carry out posture analysis and do some chiropractic manipulation of the parts of the body that has been affected.

What Chiropractors May require and Methods They Use For treatment

People experience back pain after being injured, overexertion and poor postures. The options that can be used to treat the problem include medication, rest and physical therapy. Lancaster chiropractors are cheap and use this method to relieve patients from neuromuscular problem. They carry out manipulation of the spine if it is poorly aligned. Before treatment is given, the patient must be examined by the chiropractor where the patient explains how he feels. The family history and dietary habits must also be explained, how long one has had the current problem, the cause of the problem, or if it was caused by an accident, the details of the accident should be given.

The spinal manipulation is done using hands or an adjustment tool that involves high velocity movement. The patient may be made to lie on a table that is specifically designed to be used for treatment. The table is padded and helps in achieving proper position to help manipulate the spine. The manipulation may be done on the entire spine or could be done on a portion of the spine. When you choose Lancaster chiropractors they may use slow manipulation methods to restore the structural integrity and relieve the pain.

In some cases, special tools may be used to manipulate the skeleton. After the manipulation, the patient must be taken to rehabilitation stage so that the healing process can continue and prevent relapse. The patient may also be forced to change his lifestyle to prevent recurrence of the problem. The chiropractor can choose to use inflammatory medication or may use heat or icepacks.

Back pain can be caused by sitting for a long time or poor posture. If is caused by sitting for a long time, the patient must be told to avoid such a posture and exercises recommended to help improve his fitness.

Practitioners may carry out spinal manipulation using integrated therapy such as massage, nutritional treatment and homeopathic therapy. The patient should be counselled and prepared psychologically before he enters into a chiropractic clinic. It should be remembered that the spine should only be manipulated if it is not fractured. Patients who have conditions such as Down syndrome, cancer, congenital defects may not be subjected to spinal manipulation since the conditions may cause more problems.

If the patient is suffering from low back pain, it may not be necessary to have the x-ray taken. Any competent chiropractors should be able to manipulate it using his hands. However, there are cases where x-rays may be necessary. Car accidents which may lead to severe injury may require an x-ray to determine the extent of injuries.

There are some side effects that may result from chiropractic treatment. One may experience aches, spasm or pain after completing the chiropractic treatment. Some patients may result in fatigue or a mild headache which may go away after some time. Chiropractic treatment has been accepted as a suitable method of treating back pain. The use of spinal manipulation provides better results.