What to do when painkillers are not enough for back pain?

Pain medicine was created to do one thing, relieve pain so that you can get on with yoru life. Pain killers however have a lot of negative issues and can hurt you more than help you. If you feel no pain then how will you be able to gauge if you are reopening a wound or if you are injuring yourself more? In most cases you also build up a tolerance and when it comes to back pain, pain can be the most debilitating thing.

According to recent statistics released by Web MD over 100 million Americans are suffering from chronic pain. Controlling this pain largely depends on the type of doctor you see. If you are looking for a natural practitioner they might prescribe pain medicine and natural therapy at the same time. While MD’s might offer you specialty doctor referrals and pain medicine. People with pain do not have a quick fix, it is a life long journey filled with the idea of controlling the pain.

Back pain can be controlled by visiting Columbia chiropractors, and it is advised that you go and see one if you are suffering. If you are not able to do the things you did before then consider that you might need to have a better prescription, or perhaps see another doctor. When you visit your doctor consider that you have to communicate with them. They won’t know how hard it was for you to get out of bed in the morning. They won’t know how hard it was for you to get going that day unless you tell them. Medication that addresses pain from the cause is the most concentrated form of pill type therapy. You might have antidepressants that are there to calm you and then anti-seizure drugs might be prescribed if you are in a lot of pain and are suffering from nerve pain.

Remember, you cannot cure back pain, only relieve it. In this world we consider pain to be something we can cure, and we don’t listen to the experts that tell us that the pain we deal with is going to be something that we have to consistently deal with.

How does pain work?
When we break it down, pain is simply an error message the flows through our nerves to our brain which then reacts appropriately. Your brain is the main component or computer system that reads all of the information that your body is telling it. So if you are able to stretch, calm yourself and take the appropriate medications you may be able to control the back pain you are suffering from. Back pain can be excruciating and few people will be able to work unless they get the right treatment. Pain medicine was created to help our lives not to cure it. Back pain is best treated with chiropractic work, pain medicine, and meditation.